Style with regard to humans, animals, and Earth.

Our Journey from Fast Fashion to Slow Fashion

Once we knew better, we have been committed to doing better. We are Earth and Human Centered and the small number of brands we have chosen to work with share these same values. 

Click Here: Our 2021 Impact Report

For an in depth analysis of our company practices, please read our 2021 Impact Report. 

Our goal at Mary Rose is transparency. We want every part of the supply chain in all of our garments to be traceable. We want to assure that every item in our boutique has been sourced ethically. 


We have worked to bring in items that are made ethically and environmentally aware. Our product lines that we choose to carry are focused on slow fashion, with regard to humans, the environment, and animals. The fabric of our pieces reflect this value. 


The brands Mary Rose works with have been researched thoroughly. We are committed to the fair and ethical treatment of each person that comes in contact with our pieces. ue. 


We believe the actions of one impact us all. Consideration for our planet, our impact on it, and how we can continue to do better is priority at Mary Rose. We are currently working on how we can implement a recycling program. 


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