April 30th, May 7th & May 14th; 4:30pm- 7:30pm

Subliminal Painting 101
Deconstruct Perfectionism & Step Into Your Wild Nature

Subliminal Painting

About the Event

To register, please visit: https://mysticrosemedicine.com/subliminal-painting-workshop

This workshop is for anyone who has a beating heart, & a desire to let loose. The point of this process is to dissolve the overactive need for control, perfectionism, & the desire to be good/right.

For this reason, this is not a paint-by-numbers workshop & there will not be an example of “what you are supposed to paint”. Instead, we will explore what feels good & what doesn’t. We will ask the question “why” a LOT & we will create from our imaginations. The inspiration you uncover will come from within; we will be creating art from our souls. I ask that you show up as you are. There’s no need to put on a face here. Bring your joy & gratitude, along with your grief & sadness.

I envision that each week you will be showing up in a different space emotionally, so you will have a new canvas each week to paint on. I did this with an intention of showing you how fluid we are in our emotions.

This is my first time offering this workshop. So, in honor of practice, play & experimentation. Being able to connect my 10+ years of art experience and my hypnotherapy practice is a dream come true!

I will be offering this workshop at an introductory investment of $333 & will have a limited amount of seats open to the community. I am honored to share this experience with you & I have so much gratitude in my heart for this work & community. So with that, click here to uncover all the details!

About the Facilitator, Emily Rose

Hello fellow seeker; my name is Emily Rose.

As someone with a lot of 8th house placements in Scorpio, I love to dig into all things mystical & esoteric, as well as dark & uncomfortable.

I attract a particular type of client in my practice. Those who want to explore their past lives, the akashic records, meet their guides; & those who are seeking to dissolve emotional wounding & looking to re-discover their worth. Folks who seek all things woo-woo can expect to understand their souls' expression in a whole new way as they uncover universal truths, their energetic connection, & the journey they have been on through lifetimes of countless incarnations.

This process is a magickal one that creates a relationship with the divine that cannot be severed once made. Just a heads up, just because it's woo-woo doesn't mean it's all "love & light". Some may experience memories from past incarnations or insight from the akashic records that are painful & must be integrated with care, while others may be full of laughter & joy as you uncover a knowing that had been long forgotten. Whatever comes up for you will be precisely what your soul needs to experience in order for you to move into the next phase of your ascension.

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