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Julie struggled with anorexia/bulimia for 15 years and has been in recovery for the last 10 years. The treatment she received saved her life on multiple occasions, but that treatment was insanely expensive. Her parents had to take out a 2nd mortgage on their house just to afford the numerous hospital visits and subsequent residential care she needed. Since having been in such a difficult place and having come out the other side, she felt compelled to give back. To help someone else that was struggling with the financial burden that is ED treatment.  After much thought, she decided to open her own foundation. The Mary Rose Foundation. The mission is to help fund eating disorder treatment for those struggling with the financial burden of it. The foundation works directly with treatment centers to donate funds to a candidate that they deem appropriate for our funds. Anorexia has the highest mortality rate of all mental illness with half of those deaths being from suicide. The additional financial burden obtaining treatment creates is unnecessary. 
Mary Rose NW Boutique strives to create a body positive, self-loving atmosphere, where all women know they are beautiful and deserve to feel that way. At Mary Rose, we believe beauty is not defined by a number on the scale or a clothing size, but beauty comes from looking inward and knowing you are worth loving.
Through Julie's work with the boutique and the recognized 501c3 foundation, she hopes to truly make a difference in the lives of all women. We need more positivity and love in this world and it starts with believing in yourself, loving yourself, and knowing you are worth it.
Please contact to set up an interview with Julie Allen, Owner of Mary Rose NW Boutique and Founder of Mary Rose Foundation. Women need to hear her message, a message of courage, self love, strength, beauty and most of all hope.
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