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Mary Rose NW Boutique

Meet our Team!

Julie Allen: Owner and Founder of Mary Rose NW Boutique 

Julie Allen is a work from home mom based out of Portland, Oregon to a busy toddler aged son and a young step daughter. Allen started Mary Rose North West Boutique because she recognized the need for a clothing boutique that focused on body positivity, self-love/acceptance, and helping women feel confident in their clothes. Her goal is to carry pieces that help women feel just as beautiful as they truly are. Julie struggled with anorexia and bulimia for 15 years and has made it her mission to empower women to love themselves and embrace themselves whole heartily. Allen also created the Mary Rose Foundation, a non-profit 501c3 organization designed to help women who are struggling with the financial burdens of an eating disorder. Julie's message is simply one of strength, courage, self-compassion and most of all, hope.
Shannon Tjostolvson: Public Relations Manager
Shannon is a work from home mom of two with a passion for event planning and connecting people who passionately pursue their dreams. She loves to see others rise by helping them harness mutual synergy to bring new reality to their ideas. Her love affair with fashion started at age 15, stocking clothes at a well-known, upscale clothing store. While many great experiences and years since then helped shape her strengths, Shannon now finds herself pouring her heart, mind and efforts into furthering the Mary Rose message through body-positive fashion: one of self-acceptance and hope for ALL women, no matter what their size or story.


Raquel Vega: Store Manager 

Raquel is Mary Rose’s go to gal for keeping the day to day operations running smoothly! She does a little bit of everything around here, from shipping your orders to processing the new inventory, she is a vital part of our team at Mary Rose! Not only does Raquel work incredibly hard for the boutique, she is a full time student studying to be a doctor! Raquel grew up in Puerto Rico and loves to spend time with her family and her dog!