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Mary Rose Foundation custom made "Hope Wins" tshirts! These shirts are a part of our 2nd Annual Walk-a-Thon taking place March 27, 2021. You can walk from anywhere! Walk for Hope, walk for Love, walk for Healing. The Mary Rose Foundation is our 501c3 non-profit that helps fund treatment for people suffering with eating disorders. The proceeds from this fundraiser are going to fund our education/outreach programs. The first course is scheduled to launch in June 2021. 


We are going to provide a course to help parents who have been affected by diet culture to be good role models for their children through healing their personal relationship with food and their bodies. I believe this course is not only going to change people’s personal lives, but it is going to help our society dismantle diet culture and its oppressive nature.


Your shirt will arrive to you by the Walk-a-thon on March 27th :) 


Thank you for your support of our Foundation. Right now, we have the opportunity to create change. To create a society where our children our taught to love and respect themselves and others. Where are children know their value is unconditional and their worth is not determined by their weight of a clothing size.