Hope Continues End of Year Sale

With the first year of launching our size inclusive (5X-XS), ethically made, capsule collection for the sexy minimalist complete, we learned a lot and are excited to make adjustments for upcoming seasons. Overall, we are incredibly pleased with how the collection turned out and we achieved our goal of making year round, sustainable, size inclusive pieces. There were a handful of pieces that we ended up finding out did not fit as many body types as we would have hoped and we are choosing to clearance them out in order to make the necessary adjustments for the upcoming season. 


Please enjoy 50% off these Hope Continues pieces!!! 


Upcoming adjustments to the Iris Tank: This tank fits best on bodies with a larger chest and broader shoulders. We found the arm holes to be a bit too long on more petite humans. Tank arm holes will shrink in the wash just a bit and that makes it fit more bodies. All in all, I still love this tank and it's been a favorite of mine, but it has not fit a variety of bodies as well. 


Upcoming adjustments to the Venus shorts: The linen body on these shorts is great! We had the most issues with the hemp/organic cotton waistband stretching out. Next time, we will be adding spandex to the band in order to get it to stay put. All in all, these shorts fit well if you are not looking for something tight on the midsection and generally like a looser fit in the waist. 


Upcoming adjustments to the Diana Pant: The Diana pant is the same cut as the Venus shorts except in a capri length. We were given the same feedback on the pants regarding the hemp waistband as the shorts. Same fit guide applies. If you are not looking for something tight on the midsection and generally prefer a looser fit in the waist, these pants are a great option for you! 


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