F*cking Diet Culture

The frustration that we have felt in buying eco-friendly, sustainable pieces in curvy sizes does not compare to the frustration people in curvy bodies feel when clothes shopping. I have been doing...
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I am a Feminist

I  am a feminist and I am a mother. I believe in equity for people of all genders and raising my sons to value kindness and respect for all people. I believe in a woman’s right to choose how they w...
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Love is an action, not a feeling

Shifting the way we look at body acceptance to more of a fluid dance, knowing it is ok to move from acceptance to peace to body positivity to neutrality is a great step. Life is all about a fluid, ...
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The Deeper Harm of Diet Culture

"Diet culture has engrained in us that, as women, we are defined by our bodies. We are taught from a very early age to be small, pretty, quiet, fragile. We are taught this is what it means to be fe...
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Do it scared. Just do it.

Courage is a muscle and we build it by doing things that scare us. Do it scared. Just do it. It gets easier and you get stronger. One thing every day that scares you. One thing, that's it. You've g...
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