What balance looks like for me...in this moment

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What balance looks like for me...in this moment

Tonight I took a restorative yoga class. 75 minutes of sitting with myself, allowing myself the time and energy to decompress, showing myself the love that is so much easier to show others. I have allowed my self-care to go out the window over the last several weeks. My son was sick for almost 2 weeks, the brick and mortar demands a lot of my time, and my husband was working different days/hours, which meant I was on my own with the kiddos frequently all while running a business Anyways, all that left not much time for me and I was starting to feel it.

Truth talk, exercise has always been something I have had a borderline problem with. Even in recovery from my eating disorder, I still will frequently push myself to the point of exhaustion during exercise. I don't see a point in doing something that doesn't leave me completely wiped out. Yes, I know, that's messed up. But that is my struggle. Taking a restorative yoga class is HUGE progress for me. Learning what my body needs and then listening to it...lately, I have not been able to go balls out in exercise. My body isn't having that and I am finally learning to listen. Learning to love me. Learning what loving me is.

Tonight it was 75 minutes of quiet. 75 minutes of being with myself and allowing myself time to heal. It was being gentle with myself and letting my body tell me what it needed and did not need.

It is a process. A long, long process. But, tonight, I am proud of myself. Tonight, I honored my body. Tonight, I loved me.

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