In our society, there has been a long cycle of dieting, women never feeling good enough about themselves, and trying to fit into one narrow box that is deemed acceptable and morally superior. This is a long-standing issue. Our grandmothers dieted, our mothers dieted, we have dieted, and it is now our job to break the cycle of dieting for our next generation. ⁣

Lately, I have been asking myself why have all these women felt the need to shrink their bodies? Dieting is another form of oppression for women. I understand it happens with men as well, but currently I am speaking about our societies unrealistic expectations on women.


Diet culture is rooted in the patriarchy. Diet culture survives off of keeping women contained, small, quiet, and unheard.⁣

Breaking the cycle of dieting is where we need to begin.


Action item number one: please stop dieting.


Action item number two: please stop talking negatively about your body in front of your children.


We saw our mother's doing this, they saw their mothers doing it, and now that we know better, we need to do better. It starts with us breaking the cycle. Beginning to heal ourselves, so we can heal our next generation.

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