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In order for us all to move forward and heal these systemic injustices, we need to come together. We need to heal together. We need to dismantle our racist, sexist, fatphobic, transphobic society a...
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We are NOT defined by a number 

As women, we are taught we are defined by our bodies. By the size of our pants. Go up in size= less worthy. That, my loves, is diet culture. Diet culture is the worshipping of thinness, equating li...
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Healing Journey

I was stuck in a cycle of numbing my pain, doing anything possible to quiet the feelings even if for only a moment. Starving, purging, cutting...these were the only things that gave me relief from ...
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Happy Earth Day

Know better, do better. Our business is in a shift. On so many levels. We are moving towards #slowfashion and working hard at being #sizeinclusive Our new goal is to carry all products in sizes XS-...
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Learning to Live

Learning to live with self-compassion was my first step in recovery. You deserve to figure out how to love yourself <3
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