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Pushing through our challenges.

One of the biggest challenges we have faced as a boutique that is both inclusive AND sustainable is the lack of availability in this extended sizing in sustainable options. Not only sustainable in ...
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Hope Continues

Our vision for Hope Continues is one of inclusivity. Style that is not defined by a size, color, gender, or age. Celebrating our differences and learning from one another. We are starting with a ca...
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Slow Fashion

#slowfashion is mindful and intentional. It pauses to take into account how our actions impact the world around us. Breaking free from the hustle mindset and this need to constantly be doing, achie...
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Blog: We care.

We care because fast fashion points to a deeper issue in our world. We care because basic human rights are not being honored. We care because we have one shared humanity and one shared world. We ca...
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Why we are making the switch.

We were part of the problem. We were contributing in a massive way to fast fashion and all of the problems it brings in our world. This idea of "more more more'' mentality thrives in the fast fashi...
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We are NOT defined by a number 

As women, we are taught we are defined by our bodies. By the size of our pants. Go up in size= less worthy. That, my loves, is diet culture. Diet culture is the worshipping of thinness, equating li...
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Fast Fashion

Sustainability in fashion goes beyond the materials an item is made from. While this is critical in protecting our planet, sustainability also refers to the ethical and fair treatment of every huma...
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