As with so many other things, body acceptance is also on a spectrum.


Gender, sexuality, body acceptance…not black and white, but fluid, so much more middle of the road than we previously understood. From full on body love to body neutrality.


It is all good and accepting where we are on our journey is important.


Accepting our bodies is easier some days than others. My goal is not to always love my body in feelings, but always love it with actions. Loving my body is about nourishing her, honoring what she needs, and being in tune to her changing needs.


Love is an action, not a feeling.

love is an action

You do not have to love your body in feelings, but actions are vital. Making peace with our bodies is a process and your goal can be different than my goal. That is completely ok.


Shifting the way we look at body acceptance to more of a fluid dance, knowing it is ok to move from acceptance to peace to body positivity to neutrality is a great step. Life is all about a fluid, ever changing, dance. Making peace with our bodies has to start somewhere. And wherever you are in your journey, honor it.


Today, in this moment, you can work towards honoring your body.


Ask her what she needs. Honor what she is telling you. That is how we can start to accept our bodies. One step at a time. Respecting one need at a time. Affirming the action of love towards ourselves and our bodies.

love yourself


  • Colleen Bourassa said:

    Thank you Julie for providing a forum to talk about body image in a safe place. Taking the action step in creating change for good by scheduling a walk in March is so helpful!

    February 01, 2021

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