I have a family. A husband, step-daughter, and a young son (and another son currently cooking away!) They are my world. My family. Many times when I was younger when I did not believe I would ever have a family of my own. Many times where I was too far gone for the future to be on my radar at all. Sometimes I look at my life today and I’m overwhelmed. I am married to an unbelievably supportive husband who lets me fully be me. I have a sweet step-daughter who brings us so much joy. And my son. My baby. The moment he was born was the greatest happiness I had ever known. My body positive women’s clothing boutique and non-profit both support those suffering from eating disorders. Where I am now compared to where I was when I was really in my eating disorder is unreal.
Crawling out of that dark hole into the world I now live in was challenging, full of ups and downs, trial and error. Recovery is not a straight line and it is not my intention to make it out as one. From the time I was in Westwind until now has been full of little slips and falls. The difference is now I get back up. Now I have people and a life well beyond what I ever imagined possible counting on me, relying on me every day. My family, my employees, the people we help with the non-profit...all of these people need me to care for myself so I can do my job for them.
When my self-care time is lacking it shows up, most often in irritability with my spouse. We’re all busy people. That’s the society we live in, so taking that time to be mindful of what you need is so important. It’s easy to get lost in the “go, go, go” mentality, or the “everyone before me” state of mind. Neither of those options are showing yourself the love you deserve. When you are continually practicing caring for yourself every day, you are able to show up with joy for those people in your life who need you. When this mama is happy and taking care of myself, I am a much better wife, mom, and boss. When my cup is empty, it shows. You can only push yourself so far and hard before you’re not able to show up how you need to.
Step 1. Learn what self-love looks like for you, in this moment. What do you need right now? Sleep? Food? Movement?
Step 2. Know you deserve to take that time for yourself. How? By repeating over and over to yourself that you do.
Step 3. Do the action of step 1.

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