Julie Allen-4/22/21

Happy Earth Day, babe!!!

"Our goal is not just an environment of clean air and water and scenic beauty. The objective is an environment of decency, quality, and mutual respect for all other human beings and all other living creatures."
    -Gaylord Nelson

What we’ve learned this last year… 

1) The actions of one do affect everyone
2) Environmentally friendly product is VERY hard to find in inclusive sizing
3) Diet culture sucks
4) The fashion industry is the 3rd biggest contributor to overall waste/pollution in our world.
5) Human rights are not politics

Changing for the good of the world.

Know better, do better. Our business is in a shift. On so many levels. We are moving towards #slowfashion and working hard at being #sizeinclusive Our new goal is to carry all products in sizes XS-6X. Understanding it will be a while before we get there, but this is where we are moving. Sustainability is at our core. Fair treatment of every person that is part of our supply chain is top priority. Things have to change. It is past time.

True beauty of the power of a woman

It is time we learn to accept and love one another,    entirely, wholeheartedly, and unapologetically. 

Photography by Sierra_selene_

Change is good. It means you are learning and doing better. Our goal at Mary Rose is to constantly be learning, growing, and doing better. Doing better for our society as a whole. Doing better for our world. Doing better for our planet. We are going back to simplicity. Clearing out the old, making room for what is next for us as a business. 

Article credit : Julie Allen. CEO, Mary Rose NW Boutique. Founder, Mary Rose Foundation. Author and Eating Disorder Awareness Activist

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