Julie Allen-3/19/21

Why are there so few eco-friendly brands in inclusive sizing?

Finding size inclusive brands is the most challenging part of owning a boutique that specializes in being size inclusive and body positive.

The frustration that we have felt in buying eco-friendly, sustainable pieces in curvy sizes does not compare to the frustration people in curvy bodies feel when clothes shopping. I have been doing a lot of research trying to find sustainable size inclusive brands. There are so few. Why is it that sustainable, environmentally friendly pieces are not made in extended sizing? 

Diet culture.

F*cking diet culture.

Diet culture is the worshiping of thinness and equating living in a smaller body to moral superiority. The underlying message is that people that live in a larger body do not care as much about the environment. It sickens me that that is the underlying message. Absolutely sickens me.

Diet culture keeps us focused on our bodies instead of changing the world

For all of you beautiful Queens, there will be sustainable, eco-friendly, capsule wardrobes that are beautiful in all the sizes. We are creating our own. It is time to change the fashion world. Slow fashion. Eco-friendly. Size inclusive. It is past time, my friends. 

Petals of Hope. ETA Spring 2022

I promise we will do our best until we have our own line. If there are any brands that you know of that are size inclusive and sustainable, please comment with them below. It is time that we are the change we want to see in the world. Past time. Let's do this.

Fierce. Strong. Confident.

F*ck Diet Culture. 
We are ALL beautiful and deserve to feel that way. 

Confident. Radiant. QUEEN

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