Julie Allen-4/20/21

Disrupt the fashion industry.

Our messaging at Mary Rose has evolved significantly over the last several months. We have always been adamant in our stance on #fdietculture, raising awareness about eating disorders, and the harmful effects diet culture has on all humans in our society, and lately, our activism has expanded to include sustainability, inclusion, and social justice.

I will always be an advocate for anti-diet culture because I struggled with anorexia/bulimia for 15 years, but what I realized was in my effort to serve one cause, I was inadvertently creating more issues with something else.

I am talking specifically about fast fashion and the lack of sustainable options in extended sizing. And of course, this goes along with diet culture, but there is so much more to it. 

The fashion industry is overwhelmed with waste. Fashion is the 3rd leading contributor to overall waste and pollution in the world. Not only is the fashion industry producing massive amounts of physical waste filling landfills, but it is also a major contributor to child labor and unethical treatment of factory workers. 

There is no such thing as cheap fashion. 

Someone, somewhere is paying for it. 

Maybe not you or I, but the factory worker that is being forced to work in unsafe conditions being paid an unlivable wage, the child that is forced to work, the ocean with the tossed aside waste, or pollution in the air caused from the manufacturing of synthetic materials.

True beauty of the power of a woman

Disrupt the fashion industry. This is not ok. We will no longer be part of the problem. We know better, so damnit, we are committed to doing better.

Photography by Sierra_selene_

Love, light, spreading hope, acknowledging our limitations and working to heal and move forward. Standing up for all people. Persons of color. Persons with disabilities. Our LGBTQ+ community. Persons in all clothing sizes. We see you. We love you. And you are safe at Mary Rose.

Article credit : Julie Allen. CEO, Mary Rose NW Boutique. Founder, Mary Rose Foundation. Author and Eating Disorder Awareness Activist

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