Julie Allen-3/30/21

Enough is enough, now is the time we rise up together.

Have you ever looked at a woman and thought “who does she think she is?” You know, when she is walking tall and appears confident. Have you ever seen a woman living in a smaller body and immediately thought you did not like her? Judging her thinness and assuming all sorts of things about her character.

I have.

We all have.

That, my friends, is the patriarchy at work.

That is the result of generations of men making the rules and women being conditioned to play small, play safe, stay in their lanes of competing with one another.

Women have been conditioned to tear one another down. Women have been taught that if another woman is smaller than her, dresses confidently, and owns her shit, that there is something wrong with her.

Queens, it is time we stop.

Stop tearing one another down. Stop looking at other women and comparing ourselves. Stop the jealousy. Stop the hate.

When women come together and empower one another to step into their light, we are going to see change on a massive scale. Women are strong, courageous, life giving, beautiful creations and it is our time to stand beside each other. Our time to lift and encourage. It is our time to come together and be the change.

All bodies are beautiful bodies

No amount of weight loss can help you love yourself. It is often easier to go on a diet than to look inward and accept your body. Until this happens though, you will never be satisfied. It is time to take our power back. Diet culture keeps us focused on our bodies instead of our passions and gifts. Change the narrative. All bodies are good bodies.

We are not defined by a number on the scale or a clothing size. We are so much more.

You are beautiful AND deserve to feel that way 
Helping empower people in ALL bodies to love and accept themselves as they are.

Confident. Radiant. QUEEN

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