Mary Rose Boutique

A community of small makers and healers.

My vision is to create a safe place, highlight local artisans/makers, and cultivate healing within the community.

I love that every purchase also includes a charity donation.

What a sweet place with wonderful offerings! The styles are modern, simplistic and classic. Fabrics are cotton or blends of hemp and cotton. They run in generous sizes xsmall to 5x womens. Everything was flattering. I'm going back again because I love that every purchase also includes a charity donation.

The atmosphere at Mary Rose is so celebratory and inclusive

What a breath of fresh air, and a complete surprise that I could have so much fun, and so much luck, while shopping for clothes! I visited Mary Rose Boutique with a few friends and anticipated being the tag along -- ready to cheer on my friends as they shopped, but I left with 3 new pieces of clothing that are giving me a huge and needed boost of confidence. The atmosphere at Mary Rose is so celebratory and inclusive, and I am so excited to support a local business that practices with the highest ideals in social awareness and body positivity that I think I have ever experienced. Bravo, Julie, and your beautiful vision that is contributing so much to our community.

Nourish and Celebrate You

Beautiful, raw, beloved you.  

Clothing with a purpose. Shopping with a cause. Celebrating the goddess within and knowing your purchase goes towards supporting social good. With every sale, we donate to the Mary Rose Foundation, our nonprofit dedicated to helping those struggling with eating disorders.

Our Core Values

The Everyday Activist

Slow fashion is the thoughtful crafting of clothing with regard to humans, the environment, and animals. Slow fashion allows us to love style AND care about social and environmental issues. 

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Sourcing items made from sustainable, each friendly materials is a top priority at Mary Rose. We have one shared planet and one shared humanity. 



We believe in celebrating all humans and our differences. Style does not have a size, color, gender, or age. We welcome and strive to represent humans in all bodies. Sizes XS-6X are available here. 

Social Justice

We are committed to doing better. In all the ways. Committed to representing people in all bodies. Committed to learning. Committed to listening. Committed to growing. Committed to change. 

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It takes several steps in the fashion supply chain to get a garment to the customer. Fast fashion is so affordable because the materials often used to create the garments are cheap and toxic. Workers are also not paid fair/livable wages. Yes, sustainable pieces cost more. But there is no such thing as cheap fashion. Someone, somewhere is paying for it.

Juliana Allen

CEO Mary Rose Boutique

A message

We have empowered thousands of humans in our boutique to feel beautiful and included. Our clients tell us how safe and welcomed they feel at our storefront. We provide more than clothing, we allow our clients to treasure themselves, honor their beautiful bodies, and cherish the impact they are making in the world when they shop for clothing with a purpose. 


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